Monday, 20 February 2012

Infinite city

What if… the small world around me was infinite? What if I could walking the streets of this city, in one direction, forever? What if the endless succession of traffic lights, cafés, supermarkets, primary schools, honking cars and loitering youths, billboards and canals, parks and police stations, bus stops and bubblegum machines, streetlights and stop signs, bridges and breweries, pubs and post offices, what if it all were literally infinite? Nobody you asked could tell you why it was infinite. Everybody would know plenty of local history. There would be politics, with an infinite hierarchy of governmental levels.

The city would vary in many aspects: over here, they prefer sweet potatoes, while yon, all houses are built on stilts in the lake. In my neighbourhood, one likes to build skyscrapers, while the people of the far north live underground, and leave the surface to host artfully shaped parks.

In fact, the further one goes, the more incredible the sights become. A traveller from afar once told me of people who build their houses under the surface of the river.

A pleasant fantasy. Is our world so different?